I am just a beginning photographer, will the trip be too advanced for me?

Generally, no. That said, you should be familiar with the workings of your camera, regardless of what type it is. You don’t have to fully understand f/stops, depth of field, and the rule of thirds, but the more you do understand, the more you’ll get out of the trip and the better your photos will be. The trip guides are there to answer your questions and offer tips, however the amount of actual instruction you’ll get will depends on the trip and trip guide. Some trips are faster paced than others and some are focused on discovering an area through many different aspects such as history, culture, food... where photography becomes a tool. Ultimately, the more you can learn before the trip, the more you’ll get out of the trip – you’ll be able to focus more on what you’re taking photos of rather than how to take the photos.

What should I take equipment-wise besides my camera?

A laptop computer is always recommended, as well as a backpack where you can store your camera, lenses and various equipment. Also do no forget to bring your electrical adapters and/or converters for battery chargers and other devices. 

Is travel insurance recommended?

Prismatic Compass LLC strongly urges participants to purchase travel insurance. This usually covers costs in case of an unexpected event or emergency.

Is there a non-photographer discount for people who are considering attending a tour along their participating spouse / friend?

Each Prismatic Compass Tour is a cultural tour as well as a photo tour; everyone in the group gets to experience all that the tour has to offer, behind a lens or not. Since we strictly limit the group size, the price remains the same for non-photographers.