At Prismatic Compass, we believe in the experience of travel. Wherever in the world you choose to go, we want you to immerse yourself in the culture, making genuine connections to a different way of life.

We offer three distinct types of tours:

Scheduled Group Photography Tours

Custom-made Private Trips

Trusted Supplier trips (coming soon...)




Scheduled Group Photography Tours

Our scheduled tours, guided by photographers and tour leaders, are designed to get participants into unique, engaging locations at the optimum times for photography. 

Our trips are usually paced at a relaxing tempo, so everyone can appreciate their surroundings without being rushed. We usually stay several days in a same location, allowing guests to relax rather than pack their luggage and change hotels every day. We keep the group to a small size so the tour leader can give you his personal attention and to keep flexibility in our travels.

Our team takes great care in creating unique itineraries, focusing on local activities such as wine tasting or cooking classes, so you will get the best photographic interaction with local people and landscapes.

Our list of Scheduled Group Photography Tours is ever changing, contact us to see the most up-to-date list of scheduled trips.


Custom-made Private Trips

Our focus is discovering what will make a trip special to you. We will give you expert advice on how to spend that hard earned free time. 

Is it by relaxing on a secluded beach on a desert island? Perhaps it's discovering a European city you've always dreamed of? Or completely disconnecting yourself from your day to day life to reconnect with nature? The possibilities are endless: we'll do the work, you just do the dreaming.

Contact us directly if you have some vacation time coming, whether you know where you'd like to go or not, and we will tailor a custom made offer for your unique needs.



Trusted Supplier trips - Coming soon

We’ll make sure that you take the trip, the perfect trip, even if it’s not created by us!

We are currently crafting great relationships with trusted suppliers so we can always offer you the best option for your trip. Whether you'd like to discover the South of France horseback riding, or golfing in New Zealand while sipping on a glass of local Sauvignon Blanc, we will find the best experts to make this a trip of a lifetime .